New to FORCE – RC Racing Trucks

New to FORCE – RC Racing Trucks

So Sunday saw the very first race of the Tamiya Race Trucks (TT-01 Type E) at FORCE Raceway. We had an amazing number of entrants for a first race event, with 12 trucks racing in total, split in to two groups. The beauty of a new race category like this is that nobody really know how anybody else’s truck is going to handle in comparison to theirs. Straight away you could see some clear differences in handling characteristics; some some and planted, some a little bouncy round the corners more like a real truck, and some very tail happy trucks out there too. But its a learning curve for everyone, and in the coming weeks more and more drivers will get their setups dialled in.

Even still though, there were some great battles out on track. Even more impressive were some of the paint jobs on the trucks as well. They just look so cool going round the track, and as a driver myself, the are great fun to race.

We can’t wait to see more of this exciting Racing Trucks class down at FORCE Raceway…… Sundays at 3pm = £8 race fee

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