From Little Acorns…

From Little Acorns…

“Whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it.”

– Johan Wolfgang von Goethe


That’s been one of my favourite quotes all my adult years, and its pretty much how I live my life. This was no different back in October last year, armed with only true Yorkshire grit and a dedicated and generous bunch of RC Racing supporters, I rented half of a small warehouse in Ossett, and we began work preparing and opening what is now Flat Out RC Experience at FORCE Raceway.


First viewing of the new raceway space. It was a daunting prospect.


In the few weeks that ensued, between getting the keys to the space, and our opening weekend, so many RC Supporters – many of them Customers at Demon Models & Raceway where I used to work – came along and helped. One day I will put a proper dedication out there that recognises each and every person that helped, but only when I can be sure I haven’t forgotten anyone!

People like Terry Grice, Ian Cartright, Lyndon Sykes, Richard Rollings and Gavin Hughes were there on multiple days dedicating time – and importantly – materials, fixtures and fittings as well. Many others came down and gave me an hour or two of their time, chopping wood or painting walls and doors. All equally appreciated by me, who at this point was swinging daily between ‘Its gonna happen!’ and ‘Oh my god! What have I done?!’


Some of our regular racegoers, and friends testing out the rostrum position and debating – at length – as to the height it should be.


Then there were three men in particular, who matched every hour that I put in myself, and who we could not have built this raceway without. I guess this post is my dedication to them.

Matt Edgar, who previously ran Demon Raceway at NRD took the lead on our build projects. Along with a team of helpers, our Banger oval and its glorious lights, as well as our FORCE FED Cafe, are the result of his hard work.

Rob Lincoln and Gregg Allan, who both previously raced at Demon Raceway dedicated an enormous amount of time, every night for weeks, to simply ‘getting the job done’. I’ve never seen a man shoot up and down a set of ladders as quick as Gregg, and between him and Rob, they completed the work of a half dozen men, night in, and night out.

All three of these guys were coming to the track after an already hard days work in labour intensive day jobs. Its no understatement to say ‘I couldn’t have done it without you.’ I’m forever in your debt my lovelies!


Little Joe giving Gregg a hand with the nail gun. Now friends for life!


Matt and his Team of helpers on the Banger Oval build.


Rob Lincoln, with daughter Hope – also a Racer – cutting their 697th piece of wood!


I quickly became very familiar with the chop saw, and the terms ‘chocks’ and ‘noggins’ were the most commonly used words in my vocabulary for two weeks.


By our opening weekend, we were able to show enough people what we could offer them in terms of RC, that from day one we had a steady number of both new and old racers joining us on our various race nights. This number has continued to grow, month on month, and it shows no signs of letting up, which after everyones hard work and effort, I’m delighted about. But we’re not there yet! This place isn’t cheap to rent, heat and insure, and to keep it thriving for all those who love and enjoy it, it must continue to grow. All we ask of you is… if you love it, tell folk!

In 2019 we plan lots of improvements to what we already have, as well as a massive 6000 square foot expansion into the next unit, and we’ll be looking once again for the support of our racegoers when we take that step.

FORCE Raceway is about heart, the passion and love for RC and racing, but its equally – and arguably, more so – about friends and community. We were a Little Acorn, planted in the ground with nothing more than squinty eyed wishes and cross fingered hopes of growth. If you’re joining us now, in early 2019, I guess what you’re seeing is the first shoots poking through the hard winter ground… but they’re healthy and strong.

Now, as I join in partnership with two new friends, Jon and James, that dream of becoming a Mighty Oak is actually becoming a reality.

“From Little Acorns Do Mighty Oaks Grow” – English Proverb


Me. Screwing the last screw in to the circuit floor.

  • Andy Hargreaves
    Posted at 18:36h, 08 February Reply

    I came to the Raceway for a nosey on the opening weekend never having done any RC racing.
    Jo, the team and all the racers were lovely from the start, everyone has been so helpful in answering all my daft questions, I got hooked really enjoy my racing now.

  • Phil George
    Posted at 09:35h, 09 February Reply

    Amazing read, and well done to you all.
    A work colleague said I should pop down and have a look, from my first visit gave me a mission to sell my RC cars and buy a Banger for my Son and Hotrod for myself. Hopefully tonight will be Finlays first banger race and my second weekend.
    Absolutely love it.

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