From Thundershot to Hot Rod – A Testimonial from Jim Gilligan

From Thundershot to Hot Rod – A Testimonial from Jim Gilligan

I’ve always loved RC models since being a kid. I had a Tamiya Thundershot at 12 which didn’t last long as I remember breaking it quite dramatically. I then bought another few cars as I got into my early twenties, this time 1/10th Touring cars. Had a few back then, Yokomo YR4 and HPI Rs4 Pro but circumstances changed and I sold all my kit to go travelling. I also used to find that some clubs with TC’s were a little cliquey, so was a little reluctant to approach FORCE when I’d heard of it based on my past experiences, and also told myself to not get dragged into the hobby again.

In-between heats at Hod Rods, Thursdays from 7pm.

I was wrong to be reluctant, and of course I got dragged into it again!

Jo and Gregg at FORCE are some of the most down to earth people I have ever met. The club is so friendly and welcoming, it was obvious I was going to get sucked back into it. I’ve been racing Mardave Hot Rods since January this year and I am loving it more than ever with an aim of moving into MTC for the Winter champs. The club is great, I’ve made some amazing friends of different ages and all walks of life. I just look forward to when my Grandson is of age to be driving the bangers about and I will be able to attend far more than I can at the moment!

If you like RC cars, even a slight interest; I would highly recommend coming along on a meeting night to check it out.

Hot Rods & Minis race from 7pm every Thursday Night. £8 race fee, and spectating is always free.


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